Trip & tours

Delegates can choose 1 of the following trips:

OPTION 1: Technical trip to sarawak energy berhad hydrogen production plant

South East Asia’s first integrated hydrogen production plant and refueling station

A significant milestone was achieved for Sarawak’s Green Energy Agenda with the official launch of South East Asia’s first Integrated Hydrogen Production Plant and Refueling Station in Kuching and the introduction of Sarawak’s first hydrogen-powered vehicles.  The facility includes a plant built by Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) that produces hydrogen through an electro-chemical process called electrolysis, as well as a refueling station for Sarawak’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric buses.

The pilot project builds on Sarawak’s foundation of SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy) as a growth strategy for powering development through renewable energy. It is expected to contribute to the body of local and global knowledge regarding hydrogen technology and its application, especially in a tropical environment.

The delegates joining this technical visit will have an understanding of this construction of South East Asia’s first integrated hydrogen production plant and refueling station which allows the harvest of green hydrogen as the first steps towards enabling a hydrogen-based economy and in building a green energy future for the transportation sector for Sarawak and the region.

option 2: CULTURAL TOUR to borneo cultures museum

Embark on a Cultural Odyssey at Borneo Cultures Museum: Unveiling Sarawak’s Rich Heritage.  

Discover Sarawak’s cultural legacy with the AVA Technical and Cultural Visit to Borneo Cultures Museum. The Borneo Cultures Museum blends tradition and modernity in a five-story masterpiece. Engage at Level One’s vibrant exchange hub. Level Two’s Children’s Gallery sparks interactive learning. Immerse in ‘In Harmony With Nature’ at Level Three. Level Four unwraps Sarawak’s history, while Level Five showcases exquisite artefacts.


*Further details on how to register for this trip/tour will be provided at a later time.